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Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher belongs to that generation of artists whose life and work is still largely unknown to the general public. From the 1910s until her death in 1978, she created an extensive oeuvre of oil paintings, watercolors and drawings. The focus of her work was on figure paintings, but she also created many portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Her pictures were regularly exhibited at the Vienna Secession and the Künstlerhaus and were discussed in contemporary feuilletons. In 1977 her works were shown in a solo exhibition in the Upper Belvedere, in 1986 and 1989 she was honored posthumously with exhibitions in the Moser Gallery in Graz. In the decades that followed, her work fell into oblivion and many works lay hidden in the family's possession.


At this point, thanks are due to the descendants of Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher, who entrusted her works to the Kunsthandel Widder and shared their memories of the artist. In this way, the Kunsthandel Widder was able to process the artist’s estate and deal intensively with her life and work. The results of this research has been published in an extensive monograph on Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher. In addition to a series of art-historical texts, there is also a detailed biography and a comprehensive part with her images. Both the catalog and the website aim to rediscover and present this impressive artist.

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